Jedi Hunter

Request by Jasonkromer.
The blog's been up for a while and I've finally decided to actually load the darned thing...

"Name: Tennisa Demile
Species: Human Female
Age: Adult, 24

Approximate height and weight: 1.6 meters and 54 kilograms

Physical appearance: Tennisa stands in Heavy battle armour and rarely removes any of it. If she removes her helmet you would see that she has Brown hair and Emerald green eyes. Her eyes are her most distingushing feature.

Typical Dress: Tennisa wears midnight blue armour over a black body suit.

Items commonly carried: A Jetpack on her back, A Heavy Blaster Rifle with scope to the left side of the Jetpack, with a heavy blaster pistol strapped to her left thigh. She also has various tools, equipment and explosives on her belt and Bandolier. NOTE: She is left handed."


Wow. You just seem to keep getting better, Mercy!

I think my favorite piece about this work is the boots. They seem, well, just slightly-too-big, as if they're hiding all sorts of secret gadgets. =)



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