Jak is not amused.

So last session, my angry Shistavanen scout, Jak, lost an eye. And it was a fellow party member that did it! This is why you should never let gungans in your party.


So cool I nearly pooped. I love werewolves and all similar things. Very well done and possibly my new wallpaper if you don't mind.


By all means, Casca, go right ahead! :D I'd be honoured to know Jak's spending some time gracing your desktop.

Lord Cygnus

That was either a very brave or very stupid gungan, poor Jak! This is extremely well done, so much so I want to help your character out. My character would make sure to get Jak to her medical bay aboard her ship ASAP. Was she able to save her eye or is she sporting a new cyber one or did she go for an eye-patch?

Lord Crumb

He didn't loose the eye to a kid in a wheelchair shooting fireworks. lol
It does look very awesome.

Kia kaha
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - "Family is more than bloodline"


HOLY SHNICK, what are you doing here Bambi. XD

In Jak's defence, she had no intention of killing the doctor... and I thought Ceelo was defending the nurse anyway, who wasn't in any danger to begin with! Well. Not any real danger. Well. Not in any... direct danger. Well. I mean.

Jak wasn't going to shoot her!


I registered so I could properly appreciate your arts :)

In Ceelo's defence, he had no idea Jak was going to shoot the doctor. He thought Jak was going to shoot the nurse. And considering Jak had just thrown the nurse at a wall and pulled a gun, you can see why, can't you? xD


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