A Good Defense...

This is the piece I alluded to in that last blog entry. I actually tried to upload the pencils one time, for some reason it didn't work, so I just gave up hehe.

This was done in both Painter and Photoshop, and while struggling to learn painter, I realized I knew how to do exactly what I wanted to do in Photoshop, so I went back to that. Only the boots and background (of this version) were done in Painter. The robes I "painted" twice before I wound up with a result I like, and I'm pretty proud of this one, as it's far more along the lines of what I set out to do, as far as the pseudo painted style goes.

Also notice that all the pencil lines in the robe itself were erased. I thought of tightening up the rest of it to do similarly, but I decided that I like the way they look. Maybe I'll go back and play with that in the future.

Anyway, special thanks once again to GITH for the constructive suggestions on the last one. They were very helpful!


PS, the background is kind of an homage to Gith's Selkath Sith picture. I liked it so much that I practically stole it!


I like the robes, there's a lot of good, believable movement. I also appreciate your notes on the whole piece. It helps me see what's going on behind the scenes. Every time I look at illo's here, I'm always wondering how/why/where that went along with the piece. I'll be glad to add my notes to every piece as well.


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