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Tizz Drendrik, former Jedi Knight turned wanderer. Though he is no longer an official member of the Order, the Iktochi still shares many of the Jedi's values.

One of the players in my current campaign. It's been awhile since I've colored anything, and this was as much an experiment as anything else. I'm a huge fan of Cary Nord and colorist Dave Stewart, and this something of an attempt at emulating the style they use on Dark Horse's Conan series.

I'm not entirely sure if it worked, but I'm okay with the end result. I actually started this in painter, then got kind of lazy and decided to do the rest in photoshop, so the robe has kind of a neat texture to it that the rest of it doesn't share, hehe.

Special thanks to GITH for some painter advice.


Thanks alot, guys. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate them. It seems like something more could be done to the robe to bring it out more... it's looking kind of flat to me.

I need to experiment more with rim lighting and reflective light...


I really like this.

If you're looking for suggestions then, yeah, you could look at playing with the light from the lightsaber on his clothing. Also, as my art teacher always said; work from the general to the specific. Start with mapping out the large tracts of shadow first to hint at the form beneath before moving to the smaller brush-strokes and details.
Also, you could try playing with backgrounds to give more depth to the picture.

But, as I say, I really like this one. Your paint brush work blends wonderfully with the outlines. It gives such a satisfyingly complete feeling to a picture when the guiding lines become part of the whole. Something I've always felt I should work on, myself.

Having flicked through your gallery, though, I realise I may well be preaching to the converted... Love your work, man. Look forward to seein' more of it!


Good job, CCR. I'm guessing you probably felt like you moved out of your comfort zone with this -- and that's a really great thing, man.

One thing I can add to Mercy's suggestions: Don't be afraid of contrast. Try including really dark darks and really light lights in the same picture, even if it'll sometimes mean you'll be obscuring your outlines.

Keep pushing it!

- Gith


I actually didn't move too far from the comfort zone this time out. I've been experimenting with really sketchy, rough kind of stuff for a while now... I think this is pretty much where I am these days. I think to a great degree I'm still working on alot of the things I was working on when I left off with my old SWAG stuff, such as color and what not.

Anyway, thanks again for the compliments and suggestions guys!


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