Medical Frigate "Mercy"


I'm completely gobsmacked by your debut submissions here Drone! They're all amazing, this is probably my favourite. :)
You're gonna get asked this a lot, but I'm intrigued, how do you do them? Are they 3D renders or flat illustrations? I can't decide, all I know is they're really cool!
Welcome to Swag!


Really great stuff there, Drone! I like this one the best (but I dig them all). It's good to see more starships (and done so well too.)

- Gith


Thanks guys!

This particular one is based on a 3D render (blockout), and then detailed in Photoshop. Have a look at my blog, I wrote briefly about this :)

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2nd battle of milagro? I love how you pluck some of these from uber-obscure EU!