Fringer Jadd Sterling

Jadd Sterling was sometimes a Rebel, sometimes a thief, sometimes a smuggler; but always a scoundrel and a rogue.

Jadd was born 46 BBY in Tower City on Canone. His parents were killed while he was very young by Drex Ball, who had foreseen that the Sterling family would be crucial to his future. He was then briefly raised by his uncle, Biuf Janse. Ball, desperate to find him, sent mercenaries and bounty hunters looking for Jadd, so he left his uncle to live on the streets, for his uncle's safety. A Jenet named Frenk found him on the streets and mentored him in pick pocketing. The young Jadd quickly proved adept at thievery and they soon advanced past petty theft and into larger, more developed heists. By the time Jadd was 20, he had been arrested twice and had stolen over a hundred thousand credits worth of goods.


Member since: 2007
Youngstown, Oh, US