The Razors 1 of 4

This is a group shot of The Razor Squadron the naval resistance along the Corridor Run. Troy, Trace Wesley, Whip Harley, Chalarra the Wookie, and Godo are some of the pilots and crew of the razors, named for [i]Edges's Razor[/i], the ship of Cpt. Collins from the Solomani Skies comic cover. I used a duotone for the file because I wasn't finished coloring it. A good coloring job should take a couple days or at least 3 hours. Get exact, look at all you draw as a learning process. Look at it critically, there are so many subtle ways to master that dang pencil. Look at all you do as practice for the day when you are working for your desired job in art.

Medium: Microns, PS 7


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