Flight Badges Variety set 5

Anywhoo, here's set 5 of 5

Medium: Corel Draw 13 vector Graphics.

Ianba Wisyd

G'Day mates(have to say that coming from "down under" I just prefer aus) love this site. I'm playing D6 edition roleplaying.Can anybody tell me who to see about a piccy.I'm playing a droid similar to HK-47 from KOTR.Thanx and keep up the good work drawing guy's.


I don't do requests, however your best bet is:
1. See if theres any HK-like models already drawn in the galleries that might come close to your needs. Lots of people find artwork to use, even though a color or detail or few might by slightly different of off.

2. If there isn't any HK-47 drawings in the gallery of any kind, then its probably worth a shot posting a character art request in the Request section of the SWAG forums. A couple of tips - don't state how similar your character is to "____" character from said game/movie. Instead, what sets your droid character apart? Similar isn't the same as carbon copy cloned detail for detail. Stuff like paint job, modifications, etc that would make your character uniquely an individual set apart from good ol' HK-47.

3. If you must really have an HK-47 look-alike, you could try (for the PC version of the game) use a screen capture utility like FRAPS, load one of your save games, and walk around, snapping a few pictures of HK-47, then go at it in a photo editing program to alter the colors and what not.

4. I'm assuming you tried using Google's Images search? Sometimes something other than the usual selection of promotional screenshots and concept art can be found that way, by way of fan art.

5. Theres also deviant art gallery site worth trying to do a search at. If you don't try, you'll never know ;)

But hey, I wish you all the best. Maybe someone here will draw your character, or maybe you'll find something that you could use to represent your character (be it a picture of or fan drawn of HK-47 himself). And on the chance that someone here might take up your request, allow the artist creative license, since no two artist will ever draw your character exactly the same or exactly as you precisely envisioned him/her/it.

Core to the Quad baby!!!