I made this image just out of the blue...

No puns intended. Sometimes when I'm experimenting with photoshop certain things speak to me and works of art are born. I started playing around with making larger saber blades convincing and ended up with this new deviantart ID.

Determination - Looking towards the future, willing to overcome each and every obstacle that prevents you from reaching for the stars and capturing your dreams.

Medium: Photoshop


A beautiful piece, I ask this only out of ignorance, not of criticism: With the lightsaber over his right cheek, shouldnt the left side of his face be in the shadows?


After reading the last comment I looked at the pic some more and it looks as though the fella is pearing through a hole or crack in a door. Like he may be hiding and ready for discovery or prepairing to confront those in the next room. Maybe just overheard something to help him make up his mind on some unknown to us subject.


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