Darth Morbus

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(Warning: Infinities Timeline) Darth Morbus was born to a Dark Witch of Dathomir, and because of his sex was treated cruelly as a child, which has made him methodical, and almost emotionless, except for his cruelty. He was taught how to use his Force abilities, and when he grew older, he found a gullible Jedi Knight named Drex Sabir to teach him. During this time he delved into the Sith writings and the history of the Sith Lords.

Once he reached the end of his Padawan training he brutally murdered his master while he slept, and began looking for a dark master, and eventually found one in a mysterious figure named Darth Mythryl. After joining a group called the Jade Light (a Sith Army cover which dismissed the rule of two), and helping them overthrow the New Republic Government and destroy Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, he was bestowed the title of Sith Lord, and formed a Dark Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

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