Cymber Pyros Pirate Queen

Pyros is a cathar pirate leader.


Sweet mother what a cool character! I need to add some pirates in my next campain. She is as sweet as that Jumanji chick (or whatever she was called from the KOTOR game). Cool, arrogant, sweet beautiful and lethal all at the same time!


Hehe... Just figured here as talking Like a Pirate...

"Aye! Shiver me timbers! Argh!"

Well... that didnt really fit though... hehe...


The accent I was talking about was Juhani, I'm playing KOTOR again and had to kill her because of the accent. Although a pirate accent would be just as annoying.


Nice Cathar pic! Nifty emblem of the pirate gang. And judging from her expression and smoking pistol barrels, she just took care of / made an example of someone who just happened to annoy her.

Though what was wrong with Juhani's accent from Kotor? The accent sounded Russian or European based. I liked it. (Now Bastila, while without much of an accent, her regal attitude & personality I found very annoying at times) ;)

Funny thing is, Juhani was the first thing that came to mind as I saw this - must be the top-knot.

I like the fact that we've got a new addition to the Pirates category, really adds diversity. Great piece all around!


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