Brit Brega Dark Adept ver 1

Newest version for Brit Brega from the Darkfall Saga. Mainly done with painter this time which gives it a way more painted feel. This one took about 6 hours but I used a couple pieces I had already created a few weeks ago. There are plenty of bio related stuff on her from previous pieces I had drawn for her. I have about 5 more pieces of her I have recently drawn so I will update as much as possible.


I've been following Brit since the first submission...and I've yet to be let down.

Great job.

-Without Darkness, Light cannot exist-


Well done, I like the feel and composition.

For some positive feedback, Brit's right hand looks a little odd holding the lightsaber. Feels like there is no substance/depth in her grip since the fingers look like they are touching the palm of her hand.


Ah you got me, I saw that too. In fact I have trouble with her chin, lips, both hands and arm length . The lightsaber is hastily put in and the glow looks fake as hell. Sometimes you get sick of working on it and just stop. Thanks for the feedback the more the better. This is all practice so I can hopefully do something for Lucasfilm Licensing one of these days.So any advice is huge!


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