Characters II

A Zabrak, a Togruta, and a Twi'lek. Both the Zabrak and the Togruta are just character ideas I had, but were never characters in our game. The Twi'lek is Narruna's brother, Tolin, who originally helped her escape Ryltoh (not very successfully since she still wound up a slave) and was never heard from again. If our game had continued, I would have had Narruna press to find him, or at least find out what happened to him.


ok, can I just say that's the first hot zabrak girl I've ever seen. Nice. Oh yeah, the other stuff is good too. :-) (or excellent rather, I hate you.)



I, too, appreciate the female Zabrak (and not just because she's a total knockout). It's good to see a female of the species. So far, we've only seen males.

Lord Crumb

Mercy did a female Zabrak for me twice. The Two Padawans and When Jedi Clash. Check'em out. But yeah, she is a knockout. Good Job.

-LC :)