An Unexpected Journey [Drug aka "Drag", "Drog", or "Drig" but never "Dreg"]

Nope, this request isn't Hobbit related at all. Although it does involve short people. The Last Outlaw is a mercenary ship full of some very dangerous beings but there are some people aboard that really don't belong. ------- Kar Ten is a young Lurmen who always craved adventure. When the Last Outlaw landed on Maridun in order to make repairs, Kar stowed away in it's cargo hold to make his way into the galaxy. When the outlaw and her crew left Maridun, they unwittingly took Kar with them. He spent several weeks hiding aboard the ship as the crew went about their business, completely unaware that the Lurmen was even there. He stole food and supplies and even followed the mercenaries on some of their adventures, aiding them wherever he could while still remaining hidden. He would make a game of it. Just how involved could he get without anyone knowing he was there? He proved to be quite good at his little game and it was several weeks before his presence was discovered. When he was revealed to the crew, they expected captain Asha to blast him out the nearest air lock. But Asha, always unpredictable, decided to do quite the opposite. He offered Kar a job. The Outlaw was in need of a skilled scout (after their previous scout tried to kill Asha) and Kar obviously had the skills needed. It was either that or the air lock, so Kar accepted. ..... Rell Marr is an Aleena. He and his family are the creators and stars of a holonet series, documenting their travels across the galaxy. The Aleena family had stopped on Tattoine to film the sites when they unexpectedly encountered Kar Ten. The Lurmen had just successfully picked the pocket of Rel Mar (a hobby of his) and would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids. The sharp eyes of Rel Mar's young son caught sight of the thief and cried out. Kar bolted and the Aleena clan were hot on his heels. Kar raced back to the Outlaw, not really believing that Rel Mar and his family could catch up to him. Besides, he was already running late and he really didn't want the ship taking off without him. He made it just in time but was unaware that the Aleena had followed him onboard, determined to get their credits back. The Last Outlaw took off with even more stowaways aboard. They proved far less stealthy than Kar however and were quickly discovered. Mostly due to Rel Mar's loud protesting, like an unhappy customer. Now Asha may be a ruthless and viscous dragon but when it comes to kids, he's kind of a big softy. And Rell Marr had more than a few. So rather than blasting him out the air lock, Asha had Kar return the stolen credits and agreed to drop the Aleena off at their next stop. They couldn't waste any time returning to Tatooine. It seemed like a fair enough deal. On the journey to said next stop though, tragedy struck. In an incident involving old friends turned enemies and a crazed medical droid, a gas was released aboard the outlaw which turned most of the crew into mindless killers filled with rage. Fortunately the bad guys were defeated and the ships doctor managed to find a way to reverse the effects of the gas. But not before there were casualties. Among the people killed were Rel Mar's wife. She had become infected and tried to attack her own children. Rel Mar was forced to kill her himself in order to protect the rest of his family. The Aleena decided to stay aboard the Last Outlaw until those responsible for his wife's death were brought to justice. Something the mercs were already attempting to do. Asha allowed Rel Mar to stay, under the condition that he keep his children out of harms way and not let vengeance blind him. Rell Marr puts on a happy face for his family but still holds a lot of resentment for those responsible for his wife's death...And Kar Ten too. ------------------- Well I'm not sure all that story telling was necessary but I don't suppose it can hurt to include it. What I'm looking for in this request is one of two things. Either the rather lighthearted moment where Kar picks the pocket of Rel (Maybe with Rel filming something and Kar sneaking in behind him and pinching his credits) or the much darker story of Rel's wife (or any of the rest of the crew, if you want) going completely insane. Although I would prefer the first one as it features both Kar Ten and Rel Mar. The second part here was really just an idea I had while typing this for a possible image if anyone ever feels like doing it. I'm not all that bothered if it never gets done though. Physical descriptions you say? Well Kar is a fairly young Lurmen, not yet 20 years old. He wears kind of casual gear with one or two pieces of tech such as binoculars (or whatever the star wars equivalent is...I forget the word right now). He carries a small (surprisingly small) blaster with him just in case he's ever spotted and has a couple of earrings in his left ear. He thinks they make him look tough. He's wrong. Rell Marr is somwewhat older than Kar, almost 30. Although I don't think that really matters here. He's pretty typical for an Aleena. Short, blue skin, crested head etc. He carries with him a lot of equipment, most notably of which are his cameras. He has a hand held camera but also uses a camera droid which uses a repulsorlift. This can either be an existing style of camera droid or you can create a new one. So long as it's small enough for Rel to hold or fit inside his backpack. Since the incident aboard the outlaw, he has also started to carry a blaster. As always, I'm open to artistic interpretation here so go mad. I'll stop annoying you all with this stupidly long request. Thanks in advance to anyone who feels like taking this. :)


So, one of you is doing the background, and the other two are taking a character each?.... :)


Oh my gosh, an Aleena and a Lurmen.

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Haha it's funny you say that. I'd say 1/4 of all my art on this site I think are anarchangels requests. Some how his requests speak to me.


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perfectly acceptable drug names too :) ...

Think about it... Drag ... yep drug.. Drog.. yep drug... Drig... could be a drug...

Dreg.. never!... doesnt' even make any sense as a drug.. :)


On the subject of misspelled names, Rel's player has just pointed out to me that I've been spelling his name wrong. It's actually Rell Marr.

Two L's and two R's....That doesn't actually change anything about the request but I wanted to correct myself anyway.