Mmoexp FC 24:Which card will you evolve to elevate

The author, who goes by the alias "dou A9 skills" on YouTube, revealed that they had made a significant decision to acquire Thiago Silva. The decision involved letting go of another player, which shows the importance of carefully considering the potential impact of the new addition.

Thiago Silva - The Player:

Thiago Silva is a Brazilian center-back with an 87 overall rating in FIFA Ultimate Team. What makes him stand out are his attributes: medium-high work rates, good speed, strong defensive skills, and physicality. The author has expressed a personal fondness for Thiago Silva, both in real life and in the virtual world of FIFA.

The Decision to Part Ways with Vidage:

The author admitted to having mixed feelings about another player in their squad, Vidage. While Vidage initially seemed promising, the author found him to be inconsistent and somewhat heavy in the gameplay. This led to a challenging decision: keep Vidage and hope he improves, or take a chance on a new addition like Thiago Silva.

Thiago Silva's Appeal:

Thiago Silva's appeal goes beyond his in-game attributes. The player's real-life reputation, similar to the famous David Luiz, holds an EA FC 24 Coins  emotional connection for the author. This sentiment often plays a role in a FIFA player's decision-making process when choosing their squad.

Strategic Implications:

The addition of Thiago Silva presented the opportunity for the author to create new chemistry in the squad. By fitting Thiago Silva into the team, the author made a conscious choice to lower Neymar's chemistry. This strategic decision opens up the possibility of adding other players like Player of the Month Salah in the future.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs):

In FIFA Ultimate Team, players can complete Squad Building Challenges to acquire unique cards. The author had a duplicate Di Maria, an 88-rated card, and made the decision to utilize it to complete Thiago Silva's SBC. This not only allowed the author to acquire Thiago Silva but also prevented the loss of a valuable card.

The FC 24 Squad Transformation:

The author's decision to introduce Thiago Silva and make other adjustments resulted in a transformed FC 24 squad. The squad now boasts a more diverse composition, adding a Brazilian flavor to the team and preparing it for future improvements.

The First Impressions:

After successfully acquiring Thiago Silva, the author was eager to put him to the test in matches. Their initial impressions highlighted a feeling that Thiago Silva might be slightly less agile and quick to accelerate compared to other defenders. However, they emphasized the need for more games to provide a fair assessment.

Gameplay Analysis:

The gameplay showcased the FC 24 squad's performance, with positive results during matches. The squad's attack, led by the author's personal favorite, Korea, dominated, contributing to their success.

Custom Tactics:

The article delved into the custom tactics used by the author, explaining how they were adjusted to fit their playing style and accommodate the new squad member. These tactics allow for a balanced, organized approach to matches, both defensively and offensively.

The decision to add Thiago Silva to the FC 24 squad was a significant one, as it involved parting ways with another player. The move, however, was influenced by the author's genuine admiration for Thiago Silva, both as a player and a real-life personality. The transformation of the squad's composition and tactical adjustments pave the way for an exciting journey in the world of FIFA Ultimate Team. Thiago Silva's presence  cheap FC 24 Coins promises to be a game-changer, and the author is looking forward to what the future holds for FC 24.