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A request from Xanamiar;

"Ben McCloud - 50 some years old. Ben and Shayla met back up again, and ended up falling in love, after Shayla got her memory back and apologized for her actions. Ben is wearing the kind of X-men outfit that we see in the movies. However, his outfit would need to reflect his ice abilities.. so either a light blue, with a frost going up it, or something else that would befit him. X-men logo belt to match the outfit. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Shayla O'Malley-also 50+ years of age. Shayla is wearing an X-men outfit, black, with a red flame like belt, and the X-logo in the middle of the belt. Shayla has been fighting with the X-men for 20 years now, and is still in fit shape, and still as beautiful as ever... Red hair, green eyes, just like before... Can be pictured using her gifts, if you like :) . all up to you.

Sasha McCloud - 17 years of age. Sasha's abilities showed up at 14 years of age. Knowing her parents were mutants, she spent countless amount of time at a young age, trying to discover her own abilities. Sasha controls water, and can be seen riding a metallic disk, that was created by Mouse ((another character of mine)), the disk is designed to allow her to ride on top of a wave that her powers control. Therefore she looks as if she's flying on a wave of water. I picture Sasha in a white X-men outfit, with a wave of blue X-men logoed belt."

I drew up character pictures for Ben and Shayla back in June '08, although, I don't think I ever flicked them up here...
I'll load them up to this blog, yeah?
Anyway, I've been finding it hard to get a good vision of this together pic for some reason, which is why it's taken so long for me to get around to this request (sorry Xan!). But I have had a go at Sasha, so I'll load up the sketch for her!



*hugs Mercy again* I love her!.. absolutely awesome!

by the way, she is exactly how I imagined her. The disk and all.. she's perfect :)


She looks great Mercy... but it would appear that I didn't mention her hair and eye color.. if it's not to much of a problem, could we get the hair to a blonde almost white color, and the eyes an ocean blue color? .. If it's too much trouble, don't wory about it :)


wow.. I didn't notice all the changes til I opened it up completely, she looks really sweet... Love the glossyness to it..


Wow.. I love the board... That is totally awesome... I love everything about it.. Thank you again Mercy.. :)


No worries man, always a pleasure!

I've got this last one for LAKilroy to do and I'll see what I can get together for your family pic!


Ooh, just thought of something...

I can't load this up to gallery here, I'll have to send it to you via jpeg, k?