Triss Soup Scene

Extract from 'Korriban Knights';

“Of course, there's a lot of nasty people here at the have to watch out for yourself, but if you Kiss me, then we will protect you”

Triss again smiled and leaned forward

“Oh I see...that is very sweet of you” Triss lifted her arms up, her hand around the back of his neck as she leaned in closer, puckering up her soft lips inviting him in for a kiss. She could hear the creeps chuckling at their victory as he shifted a couple inches more to take his reward

Triss backed her head away and pulled downwards. The pale boy's face landing smack into her steaming bowl of soup. He struggled, his arm's pounding into the table as he fought to free himself, but Triss had placed all her weight on the boys neck to keep him down while she shouted, drawing the eyes and attention of the patrons around her

“Touch me again and I swear I'll kill you!”

Lord Crumb

MORE! You want MORE! Well, here's your MORE soup....Now EAT IT. I said EAT!
Another good one by MERCY.

-LC :D


There are times, Mercy, when you scare me.
Just a little, mind you, for I am manly.

(this was one of those times)


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