Good News!

2009 Mar 26

I have good news to share! I am going to be a daddy. My wonderful wife of nearly 5 years is pregnant with our first child. I just wanted to share this good news with my extended SWAG family. I hope life finds you all as happy as it has found me.


Lord Crumb

Congrad's Eclipse. I hope the bundle of joy will bring your wife and you much happiness for the rest of your lives. I enjoy the three my wife and I have, but there are times I could pull my hair out. Life would not be the same without them. Children are amazing gift from God.

Father of three - Lord Crumb :-D


Congrats Eclipse, I hear it's an experience you never want to go through, but after you have them, you'd never give them back.

I hope everything in the pregnancy goes wonderfully for the both of you. ((Especially the wife, since she has all the real burdeon))

And always remember, if your wife starts to get on your nerves, that she is pregnant, and won't be herself for 9 months. Just walk on your tiptoes, and stay out of the range of fire :)


Thanks everyone!

Ju's doing great thus far, and I couldn't be happier or more excited. We're so stoked!



Congratulations Eclipse. Just remember the terror stage—boys are at their worst when they're two, girls are at their worst when they're twelve, and "Princesses" are the worst of all. :D


Wonderful news, man!!!
You'll have to post pictures of the newest SWAG-sprog for us to coo over - Oh, I'm so pleased for you!