General Reylen Clone War Adventures cartoon style

Sorry I haven't been on for awhile. I have been learning new things and having fun freeing up my style. This is another shot of a character done in comic style. I'm doing a lot of flash projects and had to change how I approach a picture. This is a piece of a larger image which I am working on. I also will be making a major update on my site with how to videos and a ton of tricks I have learned throughout the past 10 years. I'll keep all my friends here at swag in the loop. There is a lot of exciting stuff coming soon!

Lord Crumb

It's great. I also like the comic style but I hope to see some more about your other characters like Brit.

-LC :-)


Haha thats such a jump from your normal style I was trying to figure out if someone new had posted on Swag until I clicked the thumbnail.. :P

I love it! glad to hear about all your site stuff!


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