A handy piece of equipment for catching droids or small animals. Or small droid animals, I guess. I don't think I'm gonna try drawing a net again any time soon, though.


Extremely cool. I want one!

I like the beat-up look; it really makes it Star Wars, a galaxy populated by beat-up stuff, not that shiny Prequel stuff. ;)

Anyhow, I gotta ask: what's that thing in the rear, a sensor?

And what about that net? It looks fine, to me.


Shiny, new, stuff in the Star Wars universe annoys me as well.
That thing on the back was meant to be part of the engine, but I can totally see it as a sensor now that you mention it.
The net just took almost as long as the whole walker did to get right, then it gave me a wicked hand cramp.


Thats so awesome, man! It totally reminds of 80's Ninja Turtle Action Figure Accessories!


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