Feeorin Bounty Hunter

Request by Razor, who has asked me to have a go at it;

"The tall figure looms like a small giant, nearly two and a half meters tall. His skin is a deep, deep midnight blue, murky, dark blue like the depths of Mon Calamari's deepest seas. His features are harsh and savage, and the long tendrils that slide down his back and over his shoulders are decorated by multiple bronze piercings. A single red eye glares menacingly out from underneath haevy brows: the other is replaced by a small metal plate, bolted into his skull with little bronze nuts.

His clothing is simple. A pair of black trousers go with heavy boots, a tight white muscle shirt strained against his bulging chest, and a standard-issue spacer's vest that leaves his big arms bare. He wears two belts: one metal, studded piece that keeps his trousers up, and another slung much more low, done in black dewback leather and tooled with golden embroidery. A fancy belt, and one that seems to have a dark purpose: where it dips its lowest against the figure's left thigh, a beautiful black holster done in the same style rests, sometimes filled with a pistol, sometimes not."

Again, never tried drawing a Feeorin, but I'm kinda pleased with the result.
I'll have a go at the colour in a while.

~ Mercy


Simply superb. Good work.

This illustration would function best as an "in-game" illustration; not as an illustration you'd add to your character sheet, but instead as a painting mounted above the fireplace of this particular character's hideout, or something.

This doesn't mean this illustration doesn't rock. It does. And I actually like this image over the other variant, but that's simply due to personal preference; I like the moody, dark color scheme.

Love the eye-piece, by the way. It gives him a rakish air and sets him apart.


Lord Crumb

Now this is the one I really like. The lighting and shadows are what enhances the "I mean business" look about him. Always keep up the good work Mercy.

-LC :-)

Talo Slade

This is amazing work as always Mercy!! The coloring is superb and really adds a lot of depth to the image.

The only thing that amazes me more that the quality of the work is how fast you can kick these requests out.




OH...one word: cool. This guy just EXUDES pure cool. And heh, I agree with Crumby and Jace.


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