Eryk Tainer

A request from DevJannz2;

"Eryk Tainer - Human Jedi Master

Details - Green and Brown robes, though he often had a green flight suit on under them at times. He has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. During a Force Ritual he gained feathered wings of a brownish gold color. 1.7m tall, average build. Lightsaber blade should be either Blue or Green."


Lord Crumb

The view is much better a few thousand meters up in the air. Great piece. The green blade works better with the green clothing. I think blue would clash to much. The Jedi wearing green clothing may be a Corellian Jedi.

-LC :D


Yeah, works for me! I don't know how I feel about having wings in general, but it was a bit of fun to do. I think DevJannz2 wanted them bigger, but the comment came in a wee while after I had decided it was finished, and therefore lost interest in it. So, maybe next time.

Lord Crumb

The wings are not small. He just has the folded closer to his back is all. See, a perfect explanation for the above statement.

-LC :-)


What was the name of the angel on the gate with the flaming sword? Aziraphale? Or was that just in 'Good Omens'?
Cheers, man!


I cannot believe that I never commented on the finished drawing. DOH!*smacks self in head*

I really like what you did and thank you very much for your hard work. :)


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