Meelan Lah - Unusual Yuuzhan Vong

Sorry to flood the gallery, guys, but I need to keep loading these old Blog pictures. I haven't had the requester, ErikModi, come back for this one but it's been up for long enough so I'm considering it done.

Here's part of the request;
"Her name is Meelan Lah, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior turned Shamed One turned. . . something else. Through a bizzarre encounter with a Force site, she wound up being imbued with Force Sensitivity, which caused all her scars, tattoos, and implants to be rejected, returning her to what a Yuuzhan Vong WOULD look like as an adult without all their ritual maiming."

Original Blog HERE.


Keep it up Mercy, and I'll be coming to you with MY requests for characters instead of doing them myself.


Art such as this and the camraderie between SWAG-artists makes me sad, for I can't draw anything but stick figures... :(

"Cut to the cheese already!"


Aw, that's sweet! We really do need you Requesters, though. People like you, LC and Xan keep our pictures fresh, and I for one would run out of ideas if it weren't for you guys!
So - big virtual hugs, all!

Lord Crumb

Yes, another great pictuer by Mercy. Thanks for your kind words about us requesters. Like Jace, I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag. Maybe that is not 100% ture. I can draw a little but it usually isn't good or nowhere near the quality of the amazing poeple here at SWAG. Never stop drawing Mercy, your talent is only getting better.

-Always a fan, LC :-)


I'd just like to repeat what LC said.. And thanks, I also can't draw very well... I can take other peoples work and edit, but no true artistry in me. It's nice to have this to get great artists to do pics for us poor no talent people. :)


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