Mechu-deru idea


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I don't know much about sith alchemy and this mechu-deru discipline but it's very interesting to me, so I am coming up with some evil ideas about it. I originally drew a messy pen drawing, scanned it and over painted it in painter x. I will add a lot of blue I think and swirls of energy/electricity. Yeah I know he looks like cobra commander but I had a face on him and it didn't look right.



I think it looks cool. The face needs a little work but all in all, I think this one will turn out quite nicely.


This looks awesome!
I reckon he doesn't need a face - it looks like a glass face-shield at the moment and I think it suits the image more than a carefully drawn portrait would. Just my little opinion, though...
Hey, it's really nice to see this from the start. See how you get these great pictures out! Cheers, man!


Thanks, I am keeping the face how it is, I like the shield, I have already submitted a color version which should be up soon. I prob could have spent more time on it but got bored with it after coloring. Oh well on to the next set of images. Thanks for the replies though, I wish I was a writer I would have a ton of stories to tell on him.