Mount Celadriss...a place of evil.

Mount Celadriss was a fortress on Corridor on the Junar continent, far from New Ithac. It played a key role in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. A nexus of the Dark side of the Force existed within the fortress.

The exterior of Mount Celadriss was notable for several spires and an enormous saucer dome, which later collapsed.


Torture chamber
Several rooms within the fortress were used by Maalaryon during the Clone Wars in his experiments, and later during the Galactic Civil War to torture Force users.
Prison vaults

Interior rooms deep inside the fortress were used to hold captured prisoners. Some rooms were simple cells, although at least one room had a thick central pillar that prisoners could be hung in chains from.

Audience chamber
An immense saucer domed chamber in the fortress, used as an audience chamber. Ringed with support columns.

The very tallest spire of Mount Celadriss was actually a turret, and the apex was extremely difficult to reach, as the inside staircase has fallen away. Sri Thar sometimes used his Force abilities to reach it and meditate there.

It is not known exactly when Mount Celadriss was constructed, or even if it was built specifically for the purpose of storing Sith artifacts, or if it was later appropriated for that purpose.

Il Modaen found the fortress prior to 24 BBY and the vault of Sith artifacts hidden inside. After becoming the Dark Jedi Maalaryon, he continued to use Celadriss as a base of operations and a home for his experiments.

Galactic Civil War

The normally-prolific plant life of Corridor will not grow near the forbidding fortress, and what little plant life grows in the area is stunted and withered. Also had a dome that shattered during the skirmish.


That is a completely AWESOME picture. I love the feel of it, the look of it, the high tech with the old style... LOVE IT... Awesome piece.


It looks great in color! My art teacher would love you for the background alone... something like this makes it look so easy, but I know I'd be working for hours on it and get nowhere near this. Really awe-inspiring!


Very Cool MaraMac, you are going to be writing the story for it so I am glad you like it. Been thinking about Maalaryon a lot and connecting the puzzle with the rest of our continuity. I have a shot of Il Modaen also, will be posting a bunch of stuff for you to get inspired for the story. I am having a lot of fun not drawing people right now...Yeah!!


oh here is a tip, start out very messy, as messy as your hand can move, through the scribbles things start popping out, after you have a scratchy start, fatten up your brush and drop the opacity to like 12-20% and on a new layer start adding shadow and midtones, once you are satisfied with that create a topmost layer and select white for highlights and make your brush real small, zoom in and start striping your highlights. Add some layers of color using the blending modes and thats about it. Thats how I came up with this in about 45 minutes. If I still have the work file I will break it down as a WIP.

Lord Crumb

That is one OUTSTANDING picture. I believe you have out done yourself this time. This is one evil looking Citadel.


That is just so good I might have to snag that one for my star wars game, it inspires such evil and dark thoughts. ^_^ Not that I didn't already have those already. ^_^ This improves upon them. ^_^ Great work!!!!


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