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Click Read More to see the Image: This beautiful illustration was a commission I ordered from Mike Vilardi. In my opinion he was the reason I am still drawing Star Wars related work. If you are unfamiliar with his West End Star Wars work then you must have just started RPGing.

Group from left to right: Kara Brin, Edge Collins, Jed Hunter, Brit Brega, Trace Wesley and Troy Brega.

Here is a question for you all. When I upload a new image would you rather me explain the process of creation or the event in the storyline?

SO instead of explaining what program and time the piece took I would go into the part of the story the particular image represents.

DO any of you actually care about hearing the story?



You know Scriado,

If it were up to me, and it's not, but if it were, I'd ask that artists use the blogs to detail how the work was done, why they chose to go one way or another, etc etc, and use the actual image upload to detail the story lines if they so choose. Looking through the image galleries, there's a lot of cool stories with those images, and I for one think that's a great place for GM's and Players alike to find fun new ideas and use them in different ways. But the WIP blogs really are discussing the work in progress and thus I think it's a great forum for discussing the work, as opposed to the story.

But that's just me.



I think that stories, as far as their time lines and what is going on within the scene being portrayed, do have their places. Most of the time, though, in pieces like this, such stories can often be irrelevant. I think, and this is coming from someone who can't draw anything more then a stick figure, that the creative process is sometimes more interesting then the piece itself.

I believe that it all depends on the work being shown off. If it is a simple piece, nothing too descriptive, or just a single subject being shown, then there is really no need to go into the process of punching out the work. If it is complex, with more then one subject being shown and the like, then the process of bringing the work about is quite interesting.

I hope that made sense.



Excellent, I like the WIP (work in progress) blog for the creation process. And the final images deal with the specific story elements. If I could write I would spend more time on the story .


Good grief! You commissioned Mike Vilardi to draw your group?!? He's one of my inspirations in drawing SW. This is like the holy grail for me. An extra, unheard of before Star Wars RPG illustration created by him.

I wonder what he's up to right now, and if he's dropped by SWAG before to - you know, check us out.

Four thumbs up (including my toes).


Hishgraphics: A View From The Tenth Freaking Floor


Yeah at first I emailed him and he responded. I was like "wow, f'ing Mike Vilardi emailed me back!" I asked him all about illustration and what I need to do. He was such a great sport about it he would really look at what I had drawn at the time (2001-2003)and critiqued each piece. Then I asked him to draw the characters we had always gamed with. The whole experience was unreal. He does a lot of freelance work with RPG companies and several other things the last I spoke with him although that was over 2 years ago.


So, I glanced at the image before I read the blog post, and I said to myself, "Hey, that looks just like Mike Vilardi's style!"

Go figure, huh? It looks exactly like Mike Vilardi's style.