The Face Only a Mando Could Love...

The Strill, featured in Karen Traviss' Republic Commando books, and requested by DarNamell. Sort of a cross between Stitch and My Pet Monster.

My 100th piece of art in the gallery!

Done with pencil and Photoshop.


I was wrong. I didn't go to school with this guy.

He'd already graduated before I enrolled.


I really like the fur effect. As I had a request done years ago, with a fair bit of fur, I can appreciate the extra amount of detailing it must've took to draw all that in ;)

And congrats Evan, on your 100th piece!
Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Sweet little critter... I have to admit, when I read Traviss' books, I had a hard time imagining what the creature looked like. It had to be hairy and loose-skinned, something I never really figured could allow for smooth gliding and near-flight capabilities.

Well, you've accomplished both. I can see this thing being at home drooling by the feet of some Mando, just as well as I can see it gliding between spacescrapers on Imperial Center.

So what am I trying to say? I dunno, I'm still caught up in "my very first post"-hysteria! :)

But in short, good job!

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