Jarip "Jip" Kresden, Advisor to the Hutts

Jarip is a 'super NPC' i came up with. He's sort of a power-behind-the-throne character. He's some kind of really long lived near human species (haven't thought of a name yet) and he's been advising the Hutts for many years. He got his start when a small time Hutt crime boss named Judda wanted to sell the people of Jip's home town off into slavery, and Jip came to him with an alternative sceme. This not only saved Jip's people, but turned out to be extremely lucrative for the Hutt, and the Hutt kept Jip on as his advisor. Over the years Jip's counsel made the Hutt alot of money, and helped elevate the Hutts to the top of the underworld food chain. The generous Judda treated Jip more as a friend than a servant, and Judda's children were taught to respect Jip. Today Jip does not act as the advisor for any single Hutt, but travels from Hutt to Hutt as a free agent and advises them all. However, he is virtually unknown to the galaxy at large; he always travels inconspicuously and no one would expect that he's a major power player in the galaxy. Although he advises the Hutts, and will never act in any way to harm them, he has no particular love for them. He believes that the Hutts bring needed stability to the underworld, staving off chaos that would lead to the loss of many more innocent lives and sensless acts of violence. Therefore, Jip doesn't consider himself an evil person, but one that fills a neccessary role in the Galaxy, even if it means aiding an evil organization.


Not only is the art great, but I LOVE the character description. If I were running any games these days, he'd certainly end up in my campaign.



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