Jala, Jo'luk's Girlfriend

I wasn't going to upload this image because it didn't seem Star Wars-y enough for this site, but Imperial Lackey mentioned this character in his gallery, so I thought I'd share my interpretation with you guys. This is my portrait of Jala, Jo's crazy girlfriend from Tatooine. Jo thought she would be fun for a short-term fling, but when he over-impressed her with his charm (rolled a 20) she decided her goal in life was to make Jo her husband and would not take no for an answer. She eventually joined up with the Sith and became a master assassin in pursuit of her goal to make Jo her own. Jo always did have a funny affect on women.


That is way cool! I love the way you portrayed this character. Natural 20 when making a character fall in love with you is sooo pimp in making them become a stalker!


"The Ab-Master really works! I lost 5 inches around my waist, and now I have the stomach that I've always wanted! I threw all my old one-pieces out!"


The parade continues! I'm just sorry Evan couldn't be here to enjoy it. ;)



And if she were from Dantooine, she would be a primitive Dantari.

:P just kidding.
Excellent artwork, excellent background.