Codename: Jackal

Skrit Ney’bsiem was born and raised in the lap of luxury on Bothawui. His parents, distant relatives of several influential Bothan politicians, had become very successful merchants in their own right. Though their claim to fame was a retail empire, providing their sector with top fashions and accessories, their true loyalties were to a darker enterprise. For years, both of his parents secretly brokered information for the infamous Bothan Spynet, selling tidbits where they would eventually do the most to advance the Bothan cause. They shielded Skrit from this part of their lives, and as a result, he grew up a spoiled rich kid who was frequently given whatever he wanted. He came to believe that many of the creature comforts he was used to were his by birthright and looked down on many who were not so fortunate. As a child, his favorite sport was hand combat training. Upon seeing the attitude that their son was developing, they enrolled him in classes for several hand-to-hand fighting disciplines, not because he needed the skills, but rather in an attempt to instill in him some form of honor and respect for others. He took to the physical aspects of the training wholeheartedly but failed to absorb many of the moral and spiritual concepts. He learned to honor and respect, but only those that had proven themselves to him. He did well in most of his schooling but excelled in the technical sciences. Though he knew he would someday inherit his parents’ business and fortune, when given the choice he took up engineering as his educational focus. For five years he studied mechanics, physics, and electronics while his parents continued their clandestine operations for the Spynet. When the Rebellion to oppose the Empire started to gain momentum, many in the Spynet were on the fence as to who would benefit the most from their activities. A splinter group opted that the Empire, the established government in the galaxy, was the safe bet and tried to approach them with the Spynet’s services. Though the Empire very much wished to know what the Bothan spies were capable of, they had no intention of paying for that information. They captured and interrogated the splinter group learning much about the intricacies of the spy network, including detailed information on brokers like the Ney’bsiems. Afraid that the network might be put to use by the Rebellion, the Empire swiftly dispatched the operatives they were able to track and identify. Skrit was away at school when his parents’ main offices and home were bombed and destroyed. His parents were killed in the carnage and most of the family’s assets went up in flames. Skrit, who over the years had become relatively detached from his parents, was little more than upset by their demise. He was, however, mollified by the loss of his secure future. He privately came to believe that the entire Empire stole from him the life he was entitled to. Publicly, he used his parents as martyrs and opted to join the Rebellion. Upon joining, he was, because of his heritage, assigned to espionage related tasks. He learned much from the few missions he went on but never took to the work like many of his kinsman. His arrogance and superiority complex got him into a few arguments with his teammates that ended up turning physical. Though he was often dwarfed by his opponents he always won the contest. At least until he was locked up for insubordination. Ney’bsiem’s growing reputation as a brawler caught the attention of Lt. Judder Page who had been looking for qualified individuals to teach hand combat for his Katarn Commando unit. Page interviewed Ney’bsiem by having him go a few rounds with some men he had personally trained. Skrit dispatched all but one of them before he broke a sweat. The last one drew blood, causing Skrit to break the man’s arm and end the battle. Page had Ney’bsiem promoted to Lieutenant and assigned him to instructor duty. Skrit lasted as a teacher almost year before his razor sarcasm and disdain for trainees, despite his skill, earned him the nickname ‘the Jackal’. It also made Page reassess Ney’bsiem’s skills as a trainer. He definitely the expertise in the subject matter but his attitude prevented him from teaching others effectively. Lt. Page was ready to wash Ney’bsiem out of the commando program when Borsk Fey’lya, who was quickly gaining power and position among Alliance leadership, managed to cement Ney’bsiem’s position with the group. The Rebellion had already seen the effectiveness of the Bothan Spynet and with their inclusion in the movement, the Bothans insisted that one of their own be represented in each level of Alliance command. Page reluctantly reassigned Skrit to the regular commando unit, letting him command a few delicate missions against the Empire. Each time, the missions were successful, but had almost ended in catastrophe due to Skrit’s inability to lead without the power going to his head. The formation of the dedicated commando squads was the backdoor Page had been looking for. He instantly realized that if Ney’bsiem were placed as second to a good commander, he might be able to develop as a leader. Page paired him with Ciaria Racksala of Nexu Squad. He knew Racksala would not only make Ney’bsiem tow the line, but that she also had the ability to coerce him into submission should the need arise.


With respects to Ronny Jordan...

Did I ever tell you about the man who changed my life?
The one I thought, ohhh. Lord, when I saw him walkin' back in that bar, all tall and
lean with them broad shoulders, sweeeet lips, I knew that I had died and gone to. . .
Chocolate Heaven. . .

He had a real deep voice, white pearly teeth, his shoe was always shiny.
Long slender fingers manicured perfectly.

The man wore 800-dollar Italian suit, straight from, I dunno, what would they call it,
Milan or Rome or someplace like that?

I knew it wasn't local.
I said, I got to get next to that.
I haven't seen him in a long time.

The man was so fine, he could get any good girl into trouble. . .
Can you guess what his name was?. . .

Well. . . 'The Jackal'. . . 'The Jackal'. Say. 'The Jackal'. . .

He was fat back cat cool like a Friday afternoon martini, chillin' at a quarter after 5.
Twist of lime, Coke on the side.
The brother loved the high life.
Had a Ph.D. in street stride.
They called him 'The Jackal'.

He was big Mack daddy super black stylin' a diamonds in the back Cadillac.
Fur-lined boards, white wall wheels, cruise control, built for speed, chrome on evray-thang.
And stereophonic speakers, though he really didn't need them.
When they called him. . . 'The Jackal'. Say. 'The Jackal'. . .

Fly boy was in the buttermilk, hard, livin' fast, livin' large, 6 foot 4 and not an ounce of fat!
When women asked, 'is you a Cat?' He said 'I did more that that.
I'm the firmest of the firm
And in case you, hadn't known, they call me 'The Jackal'.

Served the 18-year bid First Reicker's Island then they hid him in the state
penitentiary. Said the charge was Grand Larceny.
That was 1975, and today, if he's still alive, he'd be living in the park.
Hm. The brother whose claim to fame was that they called him 'The Jackal'. 'The Jackal'. . ."

"All I need is more ammo, a little water, and some chips if you got them."


:) That's an interesting connection. I guess I've not heard that song. I consider my culture expanded. Thanks! These lyrics actually match another character I'm working on perfectly.

I'll be finishing the last two members of Nexu Squad soon. Look for Sgt. Grim and Carrier in the near future.


Don't be offended but with my eyesight, before I enlarged the image I seriously thought it was Joe Camel.