Arkanian Female

This was originally a sketch for a character I played briefly, but I later designed a different outfit for her. Therefore, when I decided to color this sketch, I turned her into an Arkanian just to illustrate a race I hadn't done before.


Ok, WOW!, not to mention hot... nice stuff here, you make me sick with your drawing prowess. Curse you! (not really) for being so good... :-(



Why don't you uh.. cool it with the awesome already? You're making the rest of us look bad.


Very well done. Talk about raising the bar. Great look to the outfit. Sexy and sleek, but very star-warsy functional looking as well.


This picture reminds me of the computer game 'No one lives forever' set in a 60's James Bond / Austin Powers spy era. Its gotta be the outfit and the bell-bottom pants. But hey, its all good! Very starwarsy. (Not to mention the eye-catching rogue smuggler type that'd catch Han Solo's eye, and make Leia fire blaster bolts at Han for the next 5 parsecs for noticing this gal. =) )

The particular tune by Madonna comes to mind, "Beautiful Stranger", which was one one of the Austin Powers soundtracks.

"Haven’t we met?
You’re some kind of beautiful stranger
You could be good for me
I’ve had the taste for danger

If I’m smart then I’ll run away
But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay
Heaven forbid
I’ll take my chance on a beautiful stranger

I looked into your eyes
And my world came tumbling down
You’re the devil in disguise
That’s why I’m singing this song"


:edit: couldn't get the italic code to work. ahh well. ;)


Gotcha! (i'm a bit rusty with my html tags at the moment, and I usually use the tag for italics when hand-coding my web page. Ahah, figures, when using dreamweaver's tools, it too uses the 'em' tag. I honestly didn't realize that.)

Thx Eclipse. ;)


This is definately a great piece, though I would like to point out that Arcanians only have four fingers, including the thumb, on each hand, not five fingers. Look at pictures of Master Arca Jeth from Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic.