Rogue Gallery Picture In the Fasion of Asok's Rogue Gallery Pic


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Well, I though it was a cool idea to put yourself as a Star Wars character, so here it is, in the fashion of Asok's, Hish's, and JawaStu's, It's me.

Kyen Debaker was a small time smuggler that ran small time runs on the farthest reaches of the outer-rim galaxy. That is till he got into the big time when an old Alderanian pirate blasted his ship leaving him floating in an escape pod over Oovoo IV. There he was picked up by a Diplomatic ship avoiding an Imperial Blockade where he aided them in their escape by framing the old Alderanian Pirate and sending a whole Destroyer after him opening up an escape route for the fugitive Jedi masters on board. There he stayed till a particularly bad incident with another destroyer containing a black suited Jedi put him as a prisoner of war. Nothing was heard from him since but some say they still see wanted posters on small imperial outposts in the outer-rim.



Hey, nice one Drig!

Y'know, I think this might make a fun and interesting theme/contest - "Self Portrait- StarWars Style!". It'd be a good way of getting to know the faces behind the art on SWAG too. :)


Whoops, somehow I double posted my image...
Asok just told me the same thing JawaStu. Sorry Hish, got mixed up. Maybe it is time...


Haha! Thanks everyone!!

I order everyone to put themselves in Star Wars now... please?