Lord Byron, Dark Hand of the Emperor

Personal Work
Time: 6 hours
Medium: Pencil, Photoshop

"You will remember this moment
As you dig into me
And from your smile now
It seems as if you liked it
You'd better cherish this moment
As you dig into me
You'll never get another chance
At this"
-This Moment, Disturbed


Classic anime.


Obviously the answer is because you want to. (This is not a put-down, just a personal comment based on my own preferences)

I personally dislike this style, but I can recognize that you have done very well within it, with strong line, bold colours, and extreme detail with the eyes. I just hope to see you back to the newer style you've been using to complete requests soon.


I actually like this, its a pretty good picture and the detail is great. Manga is becoming a popular trend among artists and storytellers of comics and cartoons. At lest something nice came from the East that we all can appricate in one form or another.


One nice thing from the East? How about the entire western civilisation? :P
Scientists have discovered an organism that has survived despite the fact that it has not had sex for millions of years. The scientists found the organism at a Star Wars convention


Thanks guys for the comments. This was a piece I drew up about 3 years ago and just now got around to coloring it. I personally like the anime/manga style but I find that, after several pieces, it isn't my best medium for doing art. So think of it as a throwback :P


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