Two Mandalorians - [Monkeyman]

So I used to come here all the time for character requests when I frequently played the RPG in college. Fast forward to today, my kids (10, 8, 6) are finally getting into all things Star Wars and love the Mandalorian. The two older kids want me to run them a SW:RPG where they play Mandalorians. The oldest wants to play the son of two Jedi Temple Gaurds that survived Order 66, went into hiding, got married, had a son, were killed by Sith Inquisitors, and taken in by Mandalorians as a Foundling. Raised in the way, his Mandalorian helmet/armor was reforged from his parents Jedi Temple Gaurd Armor. The second son wants to play a son of a noble mandalore family. Born after the Empire destroyed Mandalore. His mother and sisters took refuge on a Togruta colony. While his mother and sisters taught him the way. it was his surrogate Togruta father that taught him to hunt. So he reforged his Mandalorian armor in the fashion of the Togruta, so when hunting, he blends in with the pack. Both should be distinctly Mandalorian. But with the flair to match their backstory.

Ninja Bear

I think they'd love to see their Mandalorians they created. 
The one with the reforged Jedi Guard armor is training to be a Mandalorian forge smith. 


Hey Ninja Bear,

I started on these almost a year ago and then let them sit as we tried to muddle through quarantine/pandemic, but I'm happy to start in on them again. The two very different backgrounds and how that affected what the armor looks like is one of the things I was looking forward to figuring out.

Give me a few weeks to figure it out (and track down my research and reference).


Ninja Bear

They look cool. Sorry I'm not coming around very often. Ironically it was opposite for us as lack of activities made it easier. But lately with School Extracurriculars returning it's become less common. And this was a bit on the wayside.