Male Falleen Sith Inquisitor

Looking for a male Falleen Sith Inquisitor.  

We're playing Force and Destiny, he's statted as a Force Mystic Makashi duelist, he will eventually be an Advisor when I have the xp to be the group's social character.  

Looks similar Prince Xizor because Prince Xizor was sexy AF.  In fact I'm currently using a Xizor portrait because it's the closest thing.  But there's a distinct lack of red lightsabers on Xizor.

He's a silver-tongued viper that uses his charisma and pheremones to manipulate and flatter, then stabs people to death.

He's using a single-blade saber and a guard shoto in the offhand, both red-bladed.

Wears a bit of armor, nothing heavy; and the typical black sith robes over it.

Thanks in advance!  

Google Image search yields pretty much no results for "Male Falleen Sith", so I've turned to the best Star Wars fanart group to help me out.  

Love you guys/gals!


Oh, Mystics are known for their Presence and not their Brawn, so I figure he's slender instead of burly.  Thank you!