Curraga- Wookiee Hunter

I would like to Request a potrait for a charecter I like to RP in SWG.


  • Young
  • Very tall, Large Muscular build
  • Brown with a mix of Dark Brown fur. Something like this Click Here
  • Blue eyes
  • A scar that goes from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner across his face
  • His facial expression is pure rage, he is also roaring
  • In a position similar to this Click Here
  • Amor that is kind of the style of this Click Here
  • A blaster holster with a blaster on his thigh 
  • Some sort of Knee padding on one leg. Something like this Click Here
  • The head of a trandoshan hanging from his belt. Possible with blood still dripping from it
  • Each hand is holding a Large Ryyk Blade Click Here
  • His claws are extended. Possible bood on his claws

Short Story:

Curraga was a Wookiee born on Kashyyyk. While growing up he gained a savage hatred towards all Trandoshans. He began killing any Trandoshan slavers he saw on his planet. He even started hunting them down for sport like how they were hunting down Wookiees for sport. One time his rage took over him and he used his claws. He saw the power those claws gave him and found it weak that Wookiees did not use them. Eventually he became a famous Hunter of Trandoshans. Tracking down the Trandoshan slavers and killing. Soon after he was spotted useing his claws. Word spread fast about this and eventually the Wookiee Chieftans found out. Curraga was proclaimed a madcaw and exiled soon after. After leaving Kashyyyk Curraga went off to become a Bounty Hunter and took many contracts to kill Trandoshans.