Bar Beyond the Stars

This one isn't quite finished yet, but I wanted to reassure everyone that I was alive and well.  This is part of the ongoing Stand & Deliver story line.

Every (non-Star Wars) character in this is from another Sci-Fi venue.

Can you name them all?

I'm sure only some of the other old farts out there can identify a few of them.


I like it so far.  When you say it's not finished, are you adding more characters/details, or coloring or something?


Yes. All of the above.  There's far too much open space for my liking.  However, the original image is already too big for my scanner, so I've sliced it up into several seperate images that I will then be slapping back together in Photoshop.

I'm still sorting through hundreds of images of obscure sci-fi characters as I try to decide who else gets added.  E.T. has made the final cut so far.  Probably the robot from Disney's Black Hole.  Rita Repulsa from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is on the waiting list. As are Babylon 5 and 2001 characters. 

The biggest problem I'm having is reining myself in.


Great so far; I can't wait to see the finished product!


I know you said you didn't want it to get any more crowded, but how about a shout out to Forbidden Planet? Robby the Robot would do well to represent larger droids, and he's pretty easy to sketch.


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