Fiery Miraluka Cowgirl, Would be Mandalorian

Requested by 'Ezekiel' A Miraluka renegade named "Tyria Vellar" with a secret penchant to be a Mandalorian.

A little background story regarding the depiction:

"Though moving assuredly, there was something subtley awkward about this human female. Her muscle tone commanded attention but it was as though there was a slight lack of symetry in her movements. No matter, the issue at hand was to win the run and though her speeder bike looked capable, Ishnat had an ace up his sleeve.

He absentmindedly cinched up his left boot strap, then his right while feeling for the Magnetic pulse generator switch that would scramble the speeders fuel carburetor and give him the edge..a sideways glance as he reached for the switch and he saw the human female sit up and twist in his direction, her holster strap undoing itself while her draw hand hovered above the D-10 blaster.

Just then, Ishnat noted the darkly tinted spectacles with micro sensors. The humans mouth opened slightly as if to inhale and he heard " ..what I lack in sight, I make up for in vision. It would be in your best interests to keep things ...straight." Her mouth never moving.

His pulse raced as he cursed underneath his breath at realizing she was a Miraluka. He should have noticed this beforehand but he was distracted in his thought processes.."



Damn man, you did a killer job! I really dig it. I don't often feel an artist can easily capture a character's essence just from a big chunk of description, but you're damn close to the mark brother.


Hay Aenid, could I use this art for one of the Characters Im building for a Star Wars D6 game campaign? Would credit you and this site all the way! :)


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