Gen Con 2015


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Guess who will be debuing her first time in the Artists' Alley at Gen Con this August of 2015....ME!

Super excited to be able to take part in the show this year, especially since we couldn't make it last year. Anyone who plans on going should try and stop by to say hello, it would be nice to meet some people in the RL. Other than that, I might have some secret discounts for the show...not 100% sure on that as of yet though. 



As I said on Facebook.. Congrats...  Glad you're getting to go... Wish I could go to meet you, but too expensive for me.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, be sure to stop by Jeff Carlisle's booth and say "hi" (For yourself and me). Jeff actually got me involved in swag initially. He's a great guy and an amazing artist.

Have a fantastic time. I've not been to Gencon in years (too busy with other cons unfortunately) but it's a great con and a ton of fun. Enjoy yourself for all of us.



I was really hoping to Make it to GenCon this time around, but certain oncoming life events may prevent it.  Last time was a total blast!  Kicking back some beers with Shadowdeep and Reverend Strone.  Watching my buddy almost (inadvertantly) start a fight with Ray Park.  Spending an hour trying to track down Chris "Chris Curtis" Curtis, because we'd never met in person before and we both are pretty generic looking.

Good times.

If I don't see you, have a blast!  Have two.


It goes like this: Ray Park was walking into the convention center with his group of lackies.  They were chatting it up and Ray didn't see my pal who was just stepping outside for a smoke (and, in turn, didn't see Ray).  Ray runs RIGHT into my buddy, who flips out (he REALLY needed that smoke) and turns around to belt whoever just ran into him.  Fortunately, he recognized his assailant just in time.

Later, he ran into him again (not literally, this time). Mr. Park bought him a plate of wings by way of apology .  Or so I hear.  I was hangin' with the SWAGgers at that point.