Space Western

Finally got together my submission for the 'old west' theme! Because the first thing that came to my mind was a rugged outlaw on his trusty steed...

So here's a Mirialan 'cowboy' of sorts, tomb raider and treasure hunter out in the desert wilds of Korriban, atop his faithful guarlara.


Love it!!!! It is amazing! Love the horse influence. Really cool and the pic has a great feel.


Very nice. I love the muted, sunset colors.  Of course, as usual, your critter is just beautifully brought to life here.  Great job!


I dunno Tuss... that mount looks a little regal for the wild west. I tend to imagine things a little leaner, mangier... This is entirely TOO MAJESTIC




I'm sure some cowboys take good care of their steeds! He stole it from a Naboo dignitary as a Life Day gift to himself.


Hahaha it's all good, it's a valid opinion. I definitely consciously chose majesty over scraggly; it's a 'hi ho, Silver!' kind of beast, not a poorly mount. I can't take any credit for the creature's actual design though, it's one of Terryl Whitlatch's. They actually are most commonly ridden by fancypants folk from Naboo!


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