Hulk Hogan + Barbossa + Space Marine [Overwhelmed Tusserk]


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Did that get a little bit of attention? Good!

Hello there SWAGgers. In our game, set in the time of the Old Republic (mostly because we aren't getting enough from the MMO anymore) my group and I have just taken over a pirate ship called the Rampage. Now, being a Sith and his loyal soldiers, initially we were going to kill all of the pirates until we came into contact with Captain Ezekiel Gritt and our GM stood up, smashed his fists together and cried out "Whatcha gunna do brother, when I run wild on yoooou?!" With this, Ezekiel challenged our Sith warrior to single, hand to hand combat and almost won. Our warrior, Malal (who Asok has kindly accept to draw for me) just couldn't let a character like this go, so, we're letting him stay as the Captain of his ship, he just answers to Malal now.

Lots of artist freedom here, the only real information is that he wears mismatched heavy armour but without any on his arms. Said arms are covered in tattoos, some Sith, some Mandalorian and anything else you can come up with. He is an older pirate and has seen a lot of action and prides himself on always been in the fight with his ragtag crew. 


And of course, he needs a Hogan 'stash. We don't want him to look like a freak, so, maybe just thick Besalisk whiskers


Name: Ezekiel Gritt
Title: Captain and Piratelord
Age: A touch on the older side
Gender: Male
Weight: Heavy set
Species: Besalisk


Hey, just wondering how this is coming along? Captain Gritt is now a PC and in charge of Malal's small fleet and has led them to victory in many space battles.