Swoop Squadron

I needed to refresh, so I did a redraw of my very first request I ever completed. Feels good, man


Don't you just love updating old drawings? Very satisfying to look at. The subtle gradients you pull over the entire drawing do a lot to create color depth!


Oh my god, this is amazing! This was my request way back when I first joined SWAG and had a different username. It's great to see a before and after, you never cease to amaze, Asok.


Yep, it was years and years ago. I was still in high school when I started hanging around this site, and my Swoop Squadron characters were the first things I ever requested here. Between my two accounts I've had probably 11 or 12 requests taken on here (several by you, Asok) and the results are fantastic every time. I haven't thought about these guys in years, so it was an awesome surprise to see them on the front page! Keep up the good work!


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