Lack of Background


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OK. I have Photoshop cs4. How on earth do I not have a background? Everytime I save as a JPeg it puts it back


Are you saving it with the Background turned off?...  Cause Jpegs merge everything except what you have turned off.


Don't really have a Particular pic I was doing it to. I turn off the makes it white. I turned the opacity to 0%...makes it white. During save I set matte to none. makes it white. Pick a picture and I will send the file. Where am I sending it. Can I send it through our profiles here? Maybe the Weequa scavenger.



As in you want the background to be transparent?? I think you need to save in some other format than .jpg to do that sorta stuff.... .gif or .png maybe?? I mean I could take the few minutes it'd take me to google that stuff or I could just say ASOK CHIME IN HERE BUDDY!