Just a sketch

A notebook sketch of my character, Hablyonus. careful, the spice makes him kind of... Unpredictable....


Cute!! Okay, so I've been enjoying your ships (really nice sense of form and depth), but now I'm super eager to see some more 'finished' character art from you as well. And having just looked up who/what your character actually is....  haha. Awesome. Mind if I ask what era he's from? My Jak would probably be super interested to meet him.

Hablyonus Pense

Well, most of my stories and art are based around the dark times following the Clone Wars. Hablyonus was born around 245 BBY, which would make him 227 at the time of Order 66. (Shi'ido can live to be about 500 years old.) He was born on Ord Vaxal, a shadowport in the inner rim, having never known his parents, or any others of his kind. In fact, he didn't discover his abilities until he was well into adulthood. For the first part of his life, he lived as a thief and drifter, then promoted himself to petty hitman, and finally, informant for local members of the Hutt Cartels. He became addicted to Carsunum, a form of spice, early on, and even as his reputation as a slicer and infiltrator grew, so did his dependancy... 

By the time the Galactic Empire rose to power, he had gained enough prestige and money to afford his own (used) starship, as well as high quality slicing gear, including an Aj^6 cybernetic implant similar to the one worn by Cloud City's computer liason, Lobot. His primary weapon is a Merr-Sonn muntions Q4 Holdout blaster, which is small enough to be stored within his chest cavity. He accels at all types of espionage work, but his specialty is the infiltration and capture of small warships to sell to private interests. Currently, the Empire has placed a bounty of 800,000 credits on his head for charges including, but not limited to, Sabotage, Grand Larceny, Kidnapping, and the murders of no less than 6 high-ranking Imperial Naval officers. 

Suffice it to say, if you wanted to meet him, you'd have to find him first....



Ha! Nice!

Though it seems more and more likely that Jak would be seeking him out to arrest him rather than meet him... depending, of course, if he was still around post-Yuuzhan Vong. (Granted, our campaign has veered rather violently away from canon nowadays. 'Us vs Them' isn't quite what it used to be...)

Hablyonus Pense

Let's see, The Yuuzhan Vong war started in 25 ABY. So assuming he survives half of the bounty hunters in the galaxy looking for him, he'll be about 270 years old then. But don't get me wrong. He's pretty desperate for protection. And spice. Willing to work for pretty much anyone since the feuding between the Hutt clans keeps him grounded. As for arresting him.... W-what, you with the "New Republic" or somethin?


New Republic? Hah, hardly!

My squad and I are... we're the results of an... eh, experiment is probably the best word for it, though that doesn't really come close to covering it. But let's go with that for now. An experiment set up by dear Palpatine himself, back in the day. Got no idea if it 'worked', mind, 'cause it's hardly like there's anyone left around involved with the original gig to tell us whether or not we came out how we were supposed to be. Empire's what brought us to be, the Remnant is what recognised us when we woke up, New Mandalorian Empire is what we've got now and you better believe they're who I serve in this war. Anyone acting against us right now is acting against the interests of our Galaxy, so I sure hope you're a little discerning about what jobs you take, or where you turn for protection.


Hablyonus Pense

*Cracks a sneer*  "Well then... You an me ain't so different after all. You see to them... Th-the rest of the galaxy, I mean.... You're just... A FREAK... Like me! Aaaat any rate, the empire was a joke to begin with. I remember whe-... When they rose to power... I thought, 'eh, I'll give em fifteen.... Twenty years tops....' And now that 'His Majesty is dead, w-well hehehea hea! <Dissolves into a short fit of laughter, which transitions into crying.> "Aw who am I kidding!!! It isn't like I'm any better off! Ever since that 'New Republic' lifted all those inter-system trade restrictions your Empire put in place, it's been a near constant feud between the Hutt Clans! Things got so bad that Her Emminence Sassallo the Hutt has had to terminate some of her employees.... Literally!!! Plus that sleezebag Boltrunian what sold me my ship failed to mention that it's nav computer was shot, so even if I was allowed to leave, I couldn't! I'm stuck on Ord Vaxal like it's a big blue ball & chain! I got no family, no friends, no spice, and no one to talk to besides this patronizing little trash can!!! <Gestures to the astromech torso carried on his back.>

*sigh* "Look... A-a man like me... Doesn't have many people he can trust... But right now... I'm willing to work for just about anyone! Even mandalorians!!! But if I help you, I'm gonna need two things. Total amnisty for past crimes.... And a one way ticket OFF THIS ROCK!!!!!!<Breaks into tears again.>


<While you're reading that, imagine him speaking in sort of a manic, high-pitched, trembling voice.> 

Now out of character, I'd actually be honored if you featured me in one of your adventures! Just a couple of questions:

1. What species is Jak? Amaran? Bothan?

2.Who is the rest of your squad?


1. This is a simple question that I could write an essay in response to, haha! I think the best early summary of 'what our deal is' is here, though all our characters and the nature of our campaign has evolved considerably since then. Most simply and superficially, she's a Shistavanen (and if you're of the inclination to read a little more on my reasoning, I've elaborated a fair bit on my aesthetic and design choices here!), but in reality she's an artificially, combination-technobabble-and-space-magically created being, a shapeshifter who can only guess at what her 'baseline' is, whose instincts match those of a Shistavanen but has finally learnt some comfort in her 'human' skin as well, and is gradually increasing proficiency with her abilities.

2. Our squad has changed so much over the course of the campaign! At present, the core group consists of; Jak, Fix't (a Verpine), Ace and Omega (NPC human replica droids) (...the only ones left who were part of the original project) as well as Evi (a Fosh), Hanzo Ishii (a Terellian Jango Jumper), Aeata (a Trianii), Doctor Lokhin (NPC, for-the-most-part human), Whimm (NPC, a Vurk who doesn't get a lot of 'screen time' these days!) and Chef Louis (NPC, Mon Calamari, our faithful chef whose status is sometimes debated by our players but, heck, he's been with us long enough and through enough to deserve official squad status as far as I'm concerned!). Evi's player and myself have been slowly working on a bunch of squad portraits tracking our progress across the campaign, a few of them are here! I could go on but for everyone's sake, I'll leave it there. :)


(Meanwhile, gosh, you have no idea how much I love seeing other people get into character! Haha. We actually flesh out a lot of our 'between session' roleplay and conversations via email. Actually quite tempted to see whether the GM would be open to letting Jak and Hablyonus have a legit in-character meeting and discussion, if you were open to it!)

Hablyonus Pense

I obviously can't be part of your in-person group, after all, I'm four time zones away in the Appalachian mountains. Which means, for example, if we wanted to use chat I'd have to stay up until 1 AM if I wanted to talk at 9:00 PM your time. But If you think you can work something out before I leave for my summer job in a couple weeks, I'd be happy to co-operate. (I can still access the forum from there, but it'll be over a smart phone, which means It's gonna be pretty hard to read the tiny print.)

Also, thank you! My parents are a bit distrustful towards online forums, but if there's one thing I love, it's getting into character! When no one's around, I'll pace around my room trying out different voices. :) Speaking of which...

"Okayokayokay, here's what I want you to do. Take these credits an' b-buy yerself a drink and a room. C-c-come back here in a few days time. Don't look for me, I won't be here. Instead, ask around for a Cerean named Van-Pol-Edis. With any luck, they'll direct you to the lower west loading docks. Underst-stand? Lower. West. Loading docks. SHSHSHHHHHH!!! Not here. Not now. We'll talk then. N-now git your tail moving." <As Pense quickly slips back into the alleyway, you hear his droid give a concerned whine.>