Been wanting to draw these things for a while, haha, and look, I finally got my motivation kick. Allegedly hailing from ice planets of the outer rim, the jakobeast is one of the creatures of the galaxy with a 'Force power' adaptation; basically using 'Force push' to repel would-be attackers. I took the liberty to slightly redesign their tusks, because when I look at the currently existing images, despite being pretty cool-looking, I just don't understand how the animal can, uh, eat? Sorry folks, but huge sweeping elephant-esque tusks only work when you've got a trunk or a long tongue to actually get to your food and bring it to your mouth. Now these beasts supposedly use the tusks when foraging through packed ice; cool, cool, so I made the tusks fit and function more like those of a boar. Still impressive, still dangerous, still useful (actually, probably MORE useful, needing less awkward twists of the head to spear the ground?) to crack through the landscape to reach nourishment... but not actually impeding the ability to eat.

I also changed the horns on top of the head, for absolutely no reason other than I wanted to give a bit more of a nod to musk oxen (which is what the jakobeast's behaviour is clearly modelled on, and I love it).

Hablyonus Pense

Hm.... I think it needs more legs... Like twenty more...


Wait, three..!? Dang I didn't make it clear, haha.

There's two animals! You can see all four legs of the one in the fore (well, only the toes of the right hind leg), the second one you can see part of each of the front legs, and the heel of the left hind foot, but the right hind is fully blocked by... fluff. I admit it's not brilliant positioning on my part, mostly because I didn't AT ALL plot out the piece before I started, haha. And two stripey, shaggy animals standing in close proxmity makes for a lot of confusing pencil lines at the sketch stage. I didn't even know what was what at one stage!

Hablyonus Pense

Wait...Wa-...... Oh, there it is! I still think it would be cool if it had two heads.


Very nice 8) . I love their fur! Those teeth man.Wouldn't wanna get on their bad side :P


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