Denma Hawat, Human Thief

Request by hiei252! A street rat, smuggler and thief!

Created with GIMP.


The placement of everything is right on. It shows tons of skill to show everything you have here. You can tell right where she is looking, right where she is going to touch and that is just the right amount of sheer in the screen. All Around Winner right here. Great job


Lord Crumb

That is absolutely great job on this one!  It is always good to information on the job you are about to pull.  Do you have a translation of what is on the screen, my do it myself for fun. :D


It says...


Generis was a high-gravity planet located in the generis system of the atrivis sector.  It had rugged terrain and was covered with grassy plains and vast jungles.  this natural beauty attracted offworld travelers keen to experience its wilderness.  Prior to the formation of the galactic republic the world was settled by the rakata as part of their galaxy-spanning infinite empire.  Following the collapse of their society, scattered temples were all that remained of their time on Generis.  The planet was later settleed by a mix of humans and other species, as was another planet in the system, Atrivis 7.


I spent way to much time learning Aurebesh!


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