Spaceborn beast from West End Games' Creatures of the Galaxy supplement. Also slated to appear in my son's Edge of the Empire campaign. Originally designed by Dan Schaefer in 1994.


Ooh, the glare going horizontally at the bottom - that's way cool. All the effects here are spot on!


That's a Screen layer with a rectangular selection with a soft edge, then a symmetrical gradient from the center of the selection area out toward the edge along the long axis that is.


Thanks, Tuss. Creatures of the Galaxy was a unique concept for WEG. They asked their illustrators to draw whatever fantastic creatures they can conceive, then the write-up of the creatures were made based on the drawings. Some of the creatures in the book even made it to other media, like the quamilla appeared in Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction comic. The arqet appeared in a Holonetnews article at (archived here). I don't think the barri has been used elsewhere yet.


Actually you would want to meet this guy if he's around in some asteroid field and your navicomp is down. He might latch on to your ship and telepathically give you directions on how to calculate a jump. It might not be where you want to go and it's where he wants to go, but it might be better than being stranded in deep space. Then again, you might pop out of lightspeed in the middle of a Star Destroyer fleet.

Lord Cygnus

But if that is where the Game Master story takes places, then it is really where you NEED to be, right?


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