Dagger Matte Black

A request for a matte black version of the hybrid X-Wing/Miy'Til fighters. This is for the Dagger Interceptor.


I hope so as well. I am still patiently waiting on someone to take up my Capital Ship design request.


Let me explain the way the gallery works ((Right now))

It's set up so that someone ((Eclipse or myself)) publishes the piece. The way it was explained to me to publish pieces was to not publish to many at a time. The reason is that for every piece that is published a piece of work get's pushed off the front page. So, I published one of them, and will wait a couple days before publishing another.

They are in the system, and will be published soon. :) Keep your eye out for them... The reason I didn't publish all three is because they are already in Lal's gallery just a different color.


Just so you know though... Eclipse has been working on a better Gallery system for the new boards. Whenever they come around :)


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