Allora awakes

Allora Nerberrie Avalon. Jedi Knight and parent of Princess Tabetha As per PrincessTabetha's description of a scene (this ones really the portrait 'thingy', but part of the scene I guess..), I imagined 'Allora' being revived from her carbonite state and imagined what goes on inside the 'victim/sleeper' while in this waking state.. Her pace slowed as the imagery in front of her wavered in distortions similar as the heat on Tatooine. ...Why this planet kept resurging in her dreams, she knew not. The Force must be impressing some importance into her semiconscious dreamstates. The wildly colorful pathway swirled into a circle and then into a tetrahedral holocron. She was observing herself reading the that same Holocron in the Great Library Chambers on Coruscant. Is it possible, she wondered? to be in a dream and within a holocron session all at once? Could the subconcsious be that self-aware? She could not sense the gatekeeper... Her thoughts were then overpowered with a chilling ripple emanating from the center of her being followed by an ache of tactile sensation. She felt a numbness to her fingertips and toes. Her sinews cramped and she sensed restraint as she tried to relieve them with motion. White noise emanated from the fringes of her vision, collapsing the aching darkness into nothingness. Suddenly she was consciously self aware that she was waking from the carbonite sleep. Using her Force will, she rejuvinated her biological shell so as to be prepared and ready for action on waking fully. Non-Jedi 'sleepers' in carbonite took several days before they were fully recovered. 'If' they recovered. "Tabetha". She felt her lips mouth the words as dim, sparkling fireworks appeared on her closed eyelids. Her Daughter she thought. Though a capable Jedi herself, she worried. But it was difficult even for the 'Force' to subdue this instinctual reaction. Her thoughts wandered on the terrifying and were at once wiped away by her controlled passive calmness and followed by a trailing vertigo. She commanded her eyes to open and was blinded at first by the subdued light around what she sensed was a subterranean chamber. She also sensed other active beings in the same room She stepped out of the carbonite monolith and her knee buckled slightly. One of her two light sabers snapped into her hand as she lifted herself off the floor from in front of the carbonite slab. Sweat poured out of her skin as her metabolism sped up to it's regular pace. Her blurred vision cleared as blood rushed thru it's cappilaries... Media: Pencil, PSLE, IMAC, mouse. EDIT: Redone. Added a cloak and Earthen Jedi colors. Modified outfit to be practical under cloak.


OMG I love it!!!! She looks AMAZING!!!! Thanks mind if I add this to her wiki were acutally finally to writing her awakening an I think I have an idea.


ooo, I only realized your query above after I got a nice personal comment to this piece and re-read the comments.
Yes, you can with some minor credit somewhere, And thank you for asking first.

My apologies for not having seen the question initially as I've been busy of late.


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