This is me. This is my art.

I've always drawn and sketched a bunch, it's only recently that I decided to post it up on the internets for people to see. Well, no that's a lie. It's only recently I've decided to climb back on the art posting pony. It's a bit difficult for me to consistently post stuff with half of my year taking place on the open ocean and the other half fraught with in port maintenance and drizz. Still! One struggles onward, in hopes of improvement!

So here's some stuff I'm whipping up for a star wars rpg I'll be trying to run over tumblr. First are some jedi kids of various shape and disposition My personal favorite one aesthetically is the non gendered gypsy kid, but my fave as a character is the cathar kid taught by a dead force ghost weapons master. This is another picture of the senator girl, who's going to be an importan npc through it.

Tell me what you think, good or bad. Actually, bad especially. One doesn't learn by being told it's good, afterall!


It's very anime like. Japenese anime... Looks good for that style.

However, that style mixed with Star Wars isn't what I think of when I think about Star Wars. But that could just be me.

Awfully nice to let your players know that she is their enemy right up front :)

My only suggestion is trying your hand at coloring them as well :)


I like them a lot. I thought about what Xan said before I looked. I would say that having one or two characters in the Traditional Japanese garb mixed with others would be fine. It sort of Borrows from cultures all over and marries them. Agree that your style would rock the color greatly. Also. Might want to follow up a little on cleaning the lines. Your lines are great, no doubt, but to define them would make the picture pop.


Xanamiar: I find that when you mess with canon in a big way, it is best to be up front with it. Especially because one of my players is a ridiculously huge skywalker fangirl and i decided it best for her to know that things would be... different in the campaign. No use trying to find luke so they can be buddies or anything like that. And yeah, I'm a pretty big anime dude. Though honestly this is my more 'neutral' style. When i try to do anime i go more in for tezuka and toriyama. Super cartoony.

Casca: thanks man! Yeah these are pretty rough, I'll admit to that happily. I'm going to try a few finished pieces over the week since the rp will be starting and i want some actually nice art for it. As to color... yeah if i can find some decent supplies ill go for it.

Thank you so much for your comments guys!


One thing that I love about the Star Wars fan universe is that everyone brings something different. If you don't like one bit of the EU, there are tons of others you might. If you like anime, or hard sci-fi, or golden age comics, or retro noir - or even zombies - you can bring that to Star Wars and make your own spin on the universe. And the cool thing about RPG is that it's free-form in exactly the way that best makes use of that diversity.

So I say good on you, my brother.



Whee! Hi!

Awesome to see potentially more active artists- whether or not you end up a guildie with your first application, it's great to see you intending to stick around and work at what you do, I personally would LOVE to see more of the 'mentoring of hopeful artists' going on around here.

My first thing to pick you up on though, haha, rather than the actual drawings themselves, is how they're presented! Obviously with this bunch, you make no secrets about the fact that you're showing them off rough-and-ready, photographed with shadow all over them, so there's really no point criticizing that in particular! But, I've gotta ask- do you have access to a scanner? What sort of image editing programs do you have handy? When you start knuckling in for a portfolio, presentation really does make a world of difference, so I guess I'd advise to start thinking on that right away (if you haven't already). Even what you've already GOT there would be a lot more impressive, right off the bat, with a little more crispness and contrast.


Also, definitely ditto on Asok's comment there.

Except, zombies? Pssshhh, bring on the werewolves!


Asok: Thanks kindly man. That's honestly one of the reasons I've always loved star wars. Yeah it's a bunch of great movies and media. But honestly? Star Wars to me is an imagination toybox. Before I read the X Wing novels (my first exposure) or watched the phantom menace (second exposure) or bot a lego set (third) I was playing star wars with my buddies at the school house. Star Wars is about some crazy galaxy far away that we hold in our minds. And dare I say it... our... hearts????

I'll admit though, I'm a little iffy on zombies in general and zombies in my star wars specifically. Different strokes, right?

Tusserk: No regular scanner access currently. There's one at the on base library I'm going to use for nicer pieces if and when I make them. Image editing program is MS paint which I use to make the pictures slightly smaller. My current computer is an android powered tablet. I live pretty light, being a sailor and all. When I do start knuckling in for my portfolio, I'm going to see if I can borrow a shipmate's compy for the sake of editing. Or I might breake down and get a laptop. Time will tell! Thank you for being willing to school my hack artist ass, dude! I need and will take all the help I can get.

Oh, I guess since this will be my art dump thread form here on out, here's another piece. He's another Senator, and something of Sohjiu's nemesis. I was trying to go for a hardboiled look with him. And I inked it with a micron and sharpie ultrafine, and since I have no real good coloring media, I hope graphite grayscale makes it look slightly presentable! Both sohjiu and this fella are part of the introductory literature piece for that tumblr rp, which if you have a few minutes you can read here. I admit to being a better writer then artist, but I will not admit talent at either!


For what it's worth, coloring can be pretty daunting. Since my application, I've been trying (quite unsuccessfully) to use gimp to fill out some of my doodles. I've opened up the same drawing a million times and been squarely defeated by the intricacies of color, specifically on a computer. Truth be told, I never could grasp coloring like the other kids.